How does Hay Day hack work and how to use it?

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Why free diamonds?

It is inevitable to strive for more diamonds on Hay Day!
That is because farming orientated games require time and patience. While you wait for your crops to grow so you can harvest, you will have to waste your time. How is it done? The game servers have their own time that you can access only with your account and over Wi-Fi. However, we have found a new way to change the time and change the Diamond, Gold, and XP values with Hay Day Hack!

How do we do it?

We have our internal clocks at the Hay Day hack; therefore, we can change the values easily. Firstly we send the pings with the new values generator at our tool. The second thing we do is send upload request for the generated resources. After that, you will log in to your account and discover your fresh stash of diamonds.
It is tough to find a working Hay Day hack today. That’s because most of the working tools are now outdated. Google quickly removes the working machines from the first page because the game developers requested so.
We will try to keep our tool alive as long as possible because we know the struggle for free diamonds.
When trying to hack Hay Day, you will start to notice a small delay in your account. That usually resolves after 5-10 minutes until our generator finishes the process.

Why would I use your tool?

We use the latest available tools to ensure your diamonds, XP, and coins at Hay Day hack. It is quite hard to develop a working tool. Even if you do, it is hard to inject an anti-ban module. Don’t get discouraged; Hay Day hack has the safest technology currently available. You will receive your diamonds in almost no time!

Having a primary income for game resources is a great feeling. While you focus on your crops, farming, and such, we take care of the rest.

Why do we have free Coins option?

Some players will not want to generate massive amounts with Hay Day hack. If you’re going to surpass your friend or to show off, you can pick the only Gold option when you have an infinite number of Diamonds that would be suspicious.

The Word Hay Day means dried grass, and therefore the games are called so. I’ve been playing Hay Day for two years. It’s an enjoyable game. There are so many options like customizing your farm, trade your crops with your friends, and much more. The most exciting part is fulfilling my orders with my truck or even more fun with a steamboat!

I am surprised that the game is available free on iOS and Android. Most certainly, Supercell will make more great games like this one! We will be waiting patiently for fresh releases so we can develop new hacks. Please check out our other hacks as well. If you have a suggestion for more game hacks, please send us an e-mail. You can also contact us via the form at the end of our homepage.

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