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Have you always dreamt of being a great farmer? The good news is you don’t have to imagine anymore to be a farmer

Thanks to Hay Day, you can now experience the beautiful life of owning your farm. Hay Day can be played with PCs and mobile phones. This game was developed by supercell.

This game focus on Greg, who is the uncle of the player. Because Greg was unable to take care of his farm, he then passed the responsibility to you the player. In this virtual world, the player can earn coins, which is used to purchase decoration items and for building production. You can also collect the experience points (XP), you need the XPs to move to the next level as you make progress in the game.  Alternatively, you can also gain more XPs and coins by selling what you produced on your farm at a roadside shop. What’s more…There are trucks which you can you to ship and deliver items ordered from your virtual customers.There are also areas where you can go for a fishing trip in this game. That’s not all…

Traveling in this game is very convenient because the towns connect through the trains which are provided to every player, which is used to go to other communities. If you’re looking for a very interesting, ever-expanding and a very challenging game to play then Hay Day is your best choice. There is always a new update for your vehicles, buildings, animals, and to keep you entertained.



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Now ladies and gentlemen is time to start your engines and let’s explore this special game.

Unlike most games, Hay Day has numerous communities. In these communities, members can help others by giving them items and materials that they may need.

There is also a chat function that helps the farmers to chat and support each other.

That’s not all…

You can take a ride with your truck to discover to explore the Hay Day area, which opens in seasons.

You can play with your friends and at the same time be able to see their trucks drive around in real-time.

Isn’t that fantastic, huh?

Another fantastic thing about this game is every player is free to start anytime they feel like starting and can leave at the time they desire to go.

You can fulfill different requests by delivering your farm produced somewhere in the valley or by picking them up.

There are also different types of currencies you can earn and exciting rewards to spend it on.

Cooperating with everyone will help you get your escaped chickens, using the valley map. And there are exclusive rewards for this. Or you can complete different valley quests for rewards.

ways to get coins

great farmer

If you are a great farmer, have work and moral ethics, then this is a passive method and is also considered as the slowest one. Don't forget to start a game daily and in no time you will grind enough for some basic shop items! Which one would you choose?


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If you are like most gamer’s is annoying to watch your buildings to finish construction and also to wait for your crops to grow.

You don’t have to wait anymore because those days are over.

Now you can rush the completion of your buildings, your crops, and any other thing you wish to speed up the process.

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Besides, to progress in this game, you need a lot of coins and diamonds.

This diamonds helps you to unlock fantastic items like new animals, buildings and to speed up your construction.

When starting the game, you are given 30 diamonds. To earn more, you have to go to the next level.

You can also earn more diamonds by fishing, completing achievements, in mind, and mystery boxes.

However, finding free diamonds is not guaranteed, and before you find a diamond, you have to find some other resources.

In Hay Day, diamonds are advantageous, and this is why most of the hack is always about getting them for free instead of purchasing it in the game in-app store.

What’s more…

Anyone can earn some coins while playing Hay Day. But to be able to have enough diamonds and coins to progress into the next level in this game is very difficult.

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The amount of diamond milking aspects are enormous. If you click the button by accident you will get overcharged. There are a few flaws in the town that need more attention. A fruit cake is roughly 83 diamonds, that is too much when you are thinking about the diamond prices. A good thing is that you can adjust the purchases option in the settings. It’s a great way to protect kids from any kind of incidents. You can also disable the communication option, so kids don’t get in trouble at all.

Everything you do in the game whether it be freeing up space, making a bread, selling stuff to your customers brings you stars without Hay Day Hack. Those stars are called Experience Points or so-called XP. Whenever you reach a new level, you gain access to new content in the shop.

If you want to socialize other farmers, you can connect your Facebook and visit your friend’s farm.

It’s quite a pleasurable experience to watch your crops grow. That especially applies to those who are living in an urban area and don’t get to experience it in real life. That’s what we liked the most in the game.

If you really hate pay to play games, then you will not hate this one. That is because you can log in and play just a few minutes daily to calm your mind. If you wish to speed up your progress quickly, you can always use such tools as Hay Day Hack.

It is a really wholesome thing to play at the start. You start with just a little bit of greeny land and a scarecrow helper. After the kind tutorial, you begin to build your business alone.

In the beginning, with only a few seeds to plant, there is no much choice for you. Fortunately, the game developers made it easy to progress at first. Later in the game, you will start dealing with animals such as chickens, cows, and other domestic animals. When you develop a productive business, you need to sell your stocks to as many people as possible.

Everything in the game grows with time like carrots, potatoes and stuff like that. You can speed up the process with the wonderful option called buying diamonds.

It’s a little unfair to progress with such a tool. You will notice that if you visit a friend’s farm and you see the rapid development.

Games like Hay Day always had a great market share among the competition. That’s mostly because of the great marketing ideas, addicting mini-games, and the overall game quality. That’s totally reasonable if you consider all of the other games graphics. It’s really amusing to take care of your farm and let your mind wander off for a while. The amount of traffic we received on Hay Day hack is enormous. That’s because of the new events that come from time to time and require diamonds to access. Do not worry about the free stuff that we give away every day, we care for our community and want to provide as many tools as possible.

The Valley Update

The new refreshing Valley update is exciting, and it contributed to the game in many ways. Challenges, tokens, and more are expected to be run on our generator.
This is the reason why Hay Day hack is still the best generator, and the game is still considered the best farming game on the market. When you find other plays such as Farmville, Farm Town, etc. you will notice many wrong things. The faulty things include rare updates, game bugs, system errors, wifi problems, and much more.
The new Hay Day hack update has brought us a new way to receive or if you will earn your coins and diamonds. Therefore, we will have to continue making new content and new systems for creating free resources.
With every season comes a new map. With your truck, you must stop at different locations to gather more diamonds and coins. The friends and strangers system is a lot more fun than an offline mode game. Sometimes you will have to make a quick delivery, and a few times, you will have to work with strangers.
Your moving contributes to collecting animals such as chickens that you use for simple or more complex upgrades without Hay Day hack.

Every few hours, you can spin the wheel to restore your fuel for the truck. It’s simple, you can hit any number from 1 to 9.
The sun activities are a second way for free fuel. You can complete them multiple times, as mentioned before. The tasks include making a delivery or plant some seeds.

Do not forget to do the daily tasks. This is an excellent implementation for a farming game. All games that include upgrades, decorations, and perks need this. Why? Because not everybody can afford to get free diamonds, so there must be a system for earning high amounts of coins.

Every few hours, you can spin the wheel to restore your fuel for the truck. It’s simple, you can hit any number from 1 to 9.
The sun activities are a second way for free fuel. You can complete them multiple times, as mentioned before. The tasks include making a delivery or plant some seeds.

Do not forget to do the daily tasks. This is an excellent implementation for a farming game. All games that include upgrades, decorations, and perks need this. Why? Because not everybody can afford to get free diamonds, so there must be a system for earning high amounts of coins.


For those who find it particularly frustrating and time-consuming to collect diamonds, XPs, and gold coins.
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